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Holy Culture Vs. Holy Color

Culture not Color I have a sincere challenge for all true Believers: A more serious subject cannot be found than the one called “racism.”  Myriads have been wounded by errant teachings on this subject, and we therefore, need to take seriously the words found in the Bible concerning diversity in Israel. Many Believers are scarred…

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What Are You Willing To Wait For?

What if you knew that when you received that special thing, that it would be the very best for you and that it was the PERFECT WILL OF OUR FATHER? A better question to all believers would be,  “Are you willing to wait on Yahweh?” Are you willing to wait on Him for EVERYTHING? How…


Is Old Fashioned Romance Still Possible?

Is it possible to have a boundless, measureless excitement filled relationship with your spouse?  Can you actually have the relationship of your dreams?  Can you love and be in love beyond the honeymoon?   Of course!  You are probably wondering, how? The key to having what you want and more is making a few adjustments; it’s…


A Prayer for Prayer By Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman

O my God My soul’s compassion My hearts precious friend I turn to You. I need to close out the noise To rise above the noise The noise that interrupts The noise that separates The noise that isolates. I need to hear You again. In the silence of my innermost being, In the fragments of…

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