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Holy Culture Vs. Holy Color

Culture not Color I have a sincere challenge for all true Believers: A more serious subject cannot be found than the one called “racism.”  Myriads have been wounded by errant teachings on this subject, and we therefore, need to take seriously the words found in the Bible concerning diversity in Israel. Many Believers are scarred…

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How Do I “Keep” Shabbat?

Many folks that are learning about the richness of Shabbat have the question? How do we do it? How do we enter into Shabbat? Well, there is really no one way to keep Shabbat.  The main goal is to honor Yahweh and to not count the day as mundane. With that being said, we have…

Law Over Grace?

Is The Seventh Day (Sabbath) For Believers?

Objective As believers in YHWH and his son Yashua, our desire is to see what the Scriptures say regarding  the 7th day Shabbat (Hebrew  for Sabbath AKA the Seventh day).  Is it for just the Jews? Is it for Christians? Who is it for?   Goal: To show that  Shabbat was created for ALL of…


Torah, Anyone?

Many people have questioned whether we teach Torah at Beit Yashua? I always find this very interesting. The quick answer is OF COURSE! We started off this Torah cycle by teaching themes straight from the Torah portions. Each week we strive to provide a life-changing message that encourages believers to repent, to live a life…

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